Design and construction of institutional spaces are about more than just being aesthetically pleasing.  It’s about fulfilling the needs of people with structures of purpose. These are the places where our children learn, our souls heal, and the servants of our cities and towns lead, govern, and protect. From public and private K-12 schools to government municipality buildings, higher education, and faith-based sanctuaries, every structure is unique.

DeLauter has seasoned team members who understand the unique demands of working in an institutional property and how to minimize construction impact on students, guests and operational staff. We work work diligently to ensure that the project site is clean, organized and quiet. Our skilled team is accustomed to managing the public and always provides proper safety protection, signage and wayfinding during all occupied renovations.

To learn more about how DeLauter can elevate your construction expectations in the area of institutional construction please contact us.